Wooden Indoor Window Shutters

In the early days, window shutters were actually made from hard wood long before indoor window shutters were made using synthetic materials which are cheap and widespread in the market nowadays. One of the best characteristics of wood shutters is that they look elegant and pleasing to the eyes. Heck, they even look expensive at first glance. Certainly, they are nice home investments as hardwood made shutters are very durable and can bear about any natural condition there is – may it be sunlight, temperature change or humidity!

Indoor wooden shutters can be made up of different types of wood. You should be able to know the difference between and which one will match your needs.

If you want good material for your window shutters, try alder. These woods come from those medium trees and more often than not, finger joints are utilized to compose the alder indoor wooden shutters. If you want your indoor window shutters to last for a lifetime, then basewood would be the good choice as it is the sturdiest type of hardwood there is to be made into window shutters. Basewood shutters are distinct for their fine and consistent texture and indefinite wood grain, which is just fine as it is very much easy to manage. Not only that it can be glued and screwed well, it can also be stained or even sanded to suit an excellent smooth furnish. Another good thing about basewood is that it dries quickly and maintains a nice dimensional stability after drying. It also is low in resin and tannin content which is perfect for your wood shutters.

Using cedar might also be a good idea since it is highly resistant to staining methods. Though it could be hard to work with since it is soft and scratches and dents can be found easily. If you would like to install outside shutters, then cedars are the best fit for the job as it is durable and can bear decay and moisture for such a long time period. Not only that it is stable most of the time, paint also sticks at it well. Insects also fend off from cedar wood shutters.

One of the heaviest types of wood is oak. That is why it is needed to be pre-drilled for the window jabs to be not easily pulled down by the shutter weight. Because of its louvers’ tendency to warp, oak shutters are not recommended for painting. If you use maple for your indoor window shutters, it would be very heavy. Screws are needed to be drilled before installation, similar to oak window shutters. Another bad feature of maple shutters is that it would be hard to tension it equivalently.

Relative to other hardwood, poplar is less expensive and it is commonly used and widely available. Poplar window shutters are best applied to milling and painting jobs. This type of wood is distinct for its certain green tinge and streaks of mineral constituents which is not recommended for staining purposes. Poplar window shutters are moderately heavy, in terms of weight. Shutters gateshead

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