Top 5 Playstation 4 Games

Playstation 4 has been the bestselling console of this generation, and while it’s starting to lose steam in favor of its successor the PS5, it’s still kicking. There are a ton of great games available for Sony’s wedge of a machine, and many of them have been re-released in remastered form as well. From big exclusive titles to slick indie games, there is something for everyone here.

If you’re looking for an epic showpiece, look no further than the undoubtedly king of all PlayStation 4 games, Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog has taken the series to the next level here, adding layers of character and emotion that make the big set-pieces feel all that more powerful.

Another must-have, Bloodborne is one of the last of its kind. Its bespoke world of Yharnam drips with atmosphere, and every corner is sure to hide a grotesque monster or fascinating piece of lore. With the finest third-person melee combat in gaming, drool-worthy art design and some of the most twisted creatures in all of gaming, this is a must-play game for any PlayStation owner.

From the creators of the PlayStation Network title flOw comes this fresh, genuine game only available on PlayStation. Flower takes a different approach to traditional gaming, as the surrounding environment is pushed into the forefront and becomes the main “character.” Playstation 4 games

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