Tissot Watch Repair

Tissot is one of the world’s leading Swiss watch manufacturers. Their watches are designed to last a lifetime but like any high-precision instrument it should be serviced regularly to ensure it continues to function perfectly. Our master watchmaker has the expertise to repair any branded Tissot timepiece, from a simple quartz battery change to a complete movement overhaul.

The Tissot brand was founded in 1853 with the idea of leading watchmaking into the future as exemplified by their motto “Innovation of Tradition”. The company has a long list of “firsts” from pioneering dual time zones for pocket watches to creating revolutionary T-Touch screen wristwatches. Today the company is a member of The Swatch Group and remains committed to its heritage of innovation and tradition with an emphasis on quality and design. It is also the official timekeeper of major sporting events including NASCAR, cycling and ice hockey championships.

As with any automatic watch the movement in your Tissot gets its power from the wrist movements of the wearer. This enables the watch to keep telling time even when you are not wearing it. The Tissot Powermatic 80 movement, which is used in many of their models, has a huge amount of ‘power reserve’ – it can keep telling the time for up to 3 days without being worn.

The Powermatic 80 movement is made by ETA, who are a well-known name in watch movement manufacture and part of The Swatch Group (of which Tissot is also a member). As with any movement it will need servicing from time to time, depending on the amount and type of use your watch receives.

Our master watchmaker can undertake a comprehensive service for your Tissot, starting with the case being completely dismantled and all parts cleaned in a series of ultrasonic chemical baths. The movement is then cleaned and lubricated. Once all the necessary parts have been reassembled the watch is then thoroughly tested and electronically timed in 6 positions, before being pressure sealed. If you have a Tissot model with a sapphire crystal it will be treated in the same way, and the seals will also be replaced to guarantee water resistance.

A common problem with Tissot watches is the watch crown (the small knob that sticks out of the side of the case) getting damaged. The crown is actually a stem that connects to the internal movement, and when this breaks it can often cause other problems with the watch such as inaccurate readings or the inability to set the date and time. Replacing the crown is relatively easy, but it can be difficult if there is damage to the stem, or the pin that goes through it.

Most of Tissot’s watches are water resistant, but the rubber gaskets that seal the case back, crystal, crown and pushers will naturally deteriorate with age, so it is important to have these checked and replaced as needed. This is usually best done at the same time as replacing a battery, but can also be carried out whenever work is done on the watch. Tissot watch repair

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