An Eco-friendly Moving Company – Overview

Moving contributes to the atmospheric pollution at an alarming rate. Therefore few moving companies have already implemented some preventive measures to minimize the global warming threat, they are usually termed as “Eco-friendly moving company”. By now you probably know about the things or items used in the moving industry to coordinate a move. It is mostly paper and plastic. Traditional moving companies do not pay attention to the amount of toxic materials used in arranging a move whereas an Eco- friendly moving company is very choosy about the materials used in a move. They eliminate the usage of toxic products as much as possible.

It has been observed that about 70 percent of papers used in the moving industry is “virgin” paper and only 30 percent is post consumer waste (PCW). This is just the amount used in packing and relocating. There are other official work done in papers like printing, files managing etc. Most of the documents are also in papers. Apart from the moving industry, paper is also used in heavy quantity in many other fields. So you can now imagine, how many trees are broken down each day to meet the demand of paper. An Eco-friendly moving company first takes the initiative in reducing the usage of “virgin” paper. They strictly adheres to the policies laid down to counteract the global warming issue.

You have seen already how much paper is required to pack and move a complete house, office etc. A general move requires thousands sheet of papers and all are suggested to be white and clean to avoid stains. A simple example will help you understand the amount of papers used in packing your complete household. Did you ever try packing your glasswares or shoes? This will surely give you an estimate of the amount of papers used in a single move. An Eco-friendly moving company encourages the usage of recycled papers.

Not only papers, an Eco-friendly moving company emphasizes on the usage of products that consumes less energy. From papers to computers every item is recycled. The moving trucks used by an Eco-friendly moving company are thoroughly checked before loading. The carbon emission is either negligible or they survive on bio diesel.

An Eco-friendly moving company cuts down on anything that increases the CO2 content in the atmosphere. Usually these moving companies alights their office premises with compact fluorescent lamps. Though a bit costly but they save up to 75 percent energy. All electrical appliances are cleaned and checked to avoid leakage. However it has been noticed that older electrical devices consume more energy, therefore Eco-friendly moving companies generally disposes old electronic goods for recycling to purchase new Eco-friendly products.

All Eco-friendly moving companies prefer to use mugs and plates made of metal or glass in place of paper cups and plates to make the world greener in all aspects for healthy life.

If you are about to move then find an Eco-friendly moving company to spread the green message across the country. Make a green move to suppress the rising global warming issue. This will also give your family members and kids a better tomorrow. umzugsunternehen berlin

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