LED Cylinder Light

The LED cylinder light provides a creative and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution. It is commonly used for accenting displays, furniture and other features that require a burst of quality light. Cylinder lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications. They can be mounted in several ways based on your project needs and space availability. Surface mount cylinder lights can be installed on ceilings while wall sconce cylinder lights are more commonly used in corridors and lobbies. Some models are also available for use outdoors and are rated for wet locations for exterior wall wash lighting.

The cylinder light provides a variety of controls including Position and Rotation. You can adjust these properties directly within the 3D view using the Item Transform tool. Additional data fields such as Radiance, Shadow Type and Samples are provided to allow customization of the appearance of this light. This light also has a label field which can be used to provide a label that will appear in any Rendering with mPath outputs generated for this item.

Cylinder lights emit light in a radial fashion from their cylindrical shape. The Radiance control sets the intensity of this radial emission. It is a physically based value meaning that as the radius and length of the light increases, the apparent brightness of the light will increase. Conversely, decreasing these values will reduce the brightness of the light.

The Cylinder Light is also visible to Reflection and Refraction Rays. This feature allows the light to be seen by reflective and transparent objects, which can help you identify the location of reflective objects in your scene. The cylinder light can also be set to be visible to cameras, which can be useful for testing the effect of various camera settings before rendering a final image.

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