How to Maximize Your YouTube Views

YouTube views are one of the most important metrics for video marketers. They indicate how many people are interested in the content you’re putting out there and are a strong indicator of your video’s success, popularity, and potential for monetization. So, when it comes to increasing your YouTube view count, you have several strategies at your disposal: marketing, SEO, and video promotion. However, before you can maximize your viewership, it’s helpful to understand what constitutes a legitimate view on YouTube.

How long does a view on YouTube last?
A view on YouTube counts any time a video is watched for at least 30 seconds. This helps YouTube ensure that videos are watch-worthy and provides a good user experience for viewers. It also prevents people from artificially boosting their view counts by replaying videos over and over again. YouTube takes viewership seriously and will remove any fraudulent views as soon as they’re discovered. YouTube also warns that channels who are caught dabbling in “view bait” may receive warnings or even be terminated.

Does rewatching a video on YouTube count as a view?
Yes, rewatching a video on YouTube counts as a view. This is because YouTube’s system monitors incoming plays in order to detect spam and delete fake views as quickly as possible. In addition, YouTube checks each video’s first 300 views to confirm that they are legitimate. This ensures that videos don’t crowd the YouTube homepage or throw off YouTube’s algorithm. YouTube views 

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