Amber Sea Condominium

Amber Sea is a luxury condominium located along the coast in Katong and the Amber Road area. The condominium features a 19-storey residential block and 132 units. The design pays homage to the villas and bungalows that once lined the beaches off Katong and Amber Road areas, with each unit facing a private beachfront balcony.

The History of Amber

Baltic amber originated from the Scandinavian forests and travelled through a variety of climates, settling in Europe during the Lutetian stage of the Middle Eocene (34-48 million years ago). This type of amber is a highly sought-after gemstone that can be worn to align with the Archangels Jophiel and Seraphiel.

Burmese Amber

Although the Tanai mines in Myanmar have been reduced by a decline in production, the country is still the world’s only source of Cretaceous amber. Uranium-lead dating of zircon crystals has given a depositional age of 99 million years ago, making Burmese amber the oldest commercially exploited amber in the world.

The Burmese amber industry is in full support of the international demand for ethical oversight and due diligence processes that can protect the valuable research material from unethical players. The international community must not be allowed to lose this opportunity to contribute to a sustainable economic system that benefits the local Burmese population and the international scientific community.

It is a fact that the world’s leading scientific community (the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) has recently recommended a ban on research projects based on amber specimens from Myanmar sourced after June 2017. However, this recommendation is rooted in a conflict-ridden situation and does not fully reflect the global demand for ethical standards.

This is a complex situation that requires careful consideration and an understanding of the unique value of amber to science, and how it is vitally important for the continued growth of this sector in the global economy. As such, it is essential that we not only continue to support this sector in our economy and as a critical contributor to the international scientific community, but also support the creation of a Burmese amber scientific community that can become the focal point for research on this ancient species.

When you wear Amber jewelry, it helps to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra, situated between the ribcage and navel, is the energy distribution center for your body, emotions and relationships. It controls your immune system, provides strength in the face of physical challenges and frees you from allergic reactions.

It can also help you to interpret the world through your own eyes and not be ruled by fear or subordinating your life to the will of others. The yellow hues in Amber spiritually balance this chakra, enabling you to feel energised, positive and self-assured.

Lastly, the use of Amber can assist you in aligning with the Archangels Jurate and Elektra. Jurate is the Goddess of the Sea, and was a Queen of Lithuania who left her palace under the sea to live with a Prince and inspire people to risk all they have for love. Amber Sea

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