Woom-Bikes Review

Woom-Bikes are high-quality two-wheelers designed with kids in mind, Tupperware so they’re built to last. They may cost a bit more than average, but the investment is well worth it.

The bikes are available in five bright colours, so your little one will definitely love them!

woom is an Austrian-based bike brand that specializes in making pedal bikes for toddlers and preschoolers. They also have a range of bigger kids’ bikes that are ideal for school-aged children and teenagers.

What sets woom apart is that they have a range of models for different stages of cycling progression, so your child can always ride a bike that fits their age and skill level. This means that they can get a head start on their cycling skills and confidence, which will pay off in the long run!

Woom bikes are narrower than standard kids’ bikes, so they’re easier for small people to pedal. This makes for a more efficient cycle, allowing kids to cover more distance without getting tired and causing them to lose concentration.

These bikes also feature small reach brake levers that fit a child’s hand, making them easier to operate and learn how to use. This is especially important for young children, who need to be able to stop quickly if they need to.

The handlebars on a woom bike are also adjustable, so they can grow with your child as they get older and gain confidence on their new bike. This ensures that their riding experience is always a comfortable and safe one, no matter their height!

A woom bike comes with strong and sturdy fenders, both front and back, that help keep riders safe in the rain. This is a great design element as it can prevent water from splashing up and soaking your kid’s hands and face.

In addition to the fenders, the bike has a kickstand that can be mounted to the frame and is easy to access from the handlebars. This is a big plus if you need to get the bike ready for an event or even to carry items on longer rides.

Another nice design detail is that the seat post binder is also a tyre lever, so you can remove a tyre when you need to. This is an important safety feature to have as it can save you from having to go out and buy a replacement tyre when you break a rim or a tire.

The bikes come with Shutter Precision SD-8 dynamo generators that are built in to the front hub, so your child doesn’t need a battery to power their lights. This is a good feature for busy parents who can’t always be there to make sure their kiddo has their lights on.

Unlike other kids’ bikes, the woom is built with a double-butted aluminium frame. This makes it very lightweight and stable to ride, so your child will feel confident when they’re out on a trail or in the countryside.

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