Why On-Demand Home Services are the Next Big Thing in the Business World?

As per a report published in 2017, by Business Wire, a renowned online platform for News and press releases, the market for global on-demand home services is expected to grow at CAGR by approximately 49% from 2017 to 2021. And today, we all know how on-demand home services are taking the world by storm.

In this busy and hectic lifestyle, the on-demand solutions have come up as a blessing for everybody. Also, the Millennial and Gen-Z, generations who are technology-driven, expect everything happening at the push of a button from anywhere at any time. Whether laundry services, home renovation, plumbing, electrical/electronic repair, carpentry, pest control,beauty services or fitness trainers at home, people expect everything instantly at their door-steps.The on-demand apps are just perfect for them.

The direct connection of customers to the sellers that these on-demand apps ensure is another important reason for their popularity. Also, the customers get a plethora of low-cost service providers on these apps to choose from as per their budgets.

The on-demand business model and related apps have equally benefitted several business owners. Multiple giants in the corporate world have invested in this domain. Many start-ups are also looking forward to starting a new business journey with on-demand app development. To name a few projects, Handy, Zaarly, Hello Alfred, AskforTask, UrbanClap, Zimmber, etc. are the ones who have gained high popularity in the last few years. Surely, this industry is going to be the next big trend in the business world.

Why should you invest in the on-demand home services industry?

Are you a start-up, small or medium-sized company or a large enterprise? Investing in this area can boost your ROI exponentially, regardless of the size of your company. Let’s see how.

Technically inclined customers

Customer expectations have changed. In this era of the internet and smartphones, a large number of customers are inclined towards using technology for anything and everything. They prefer instant online services to meet their daily needs instead of buying things from traditional stores. Also, due to their busy lifestyle where they rigorously try to balance work, home and social life, the on-demand solutions are an ultimate solution to them. These services are easily accessible to them as per their time and convenience. 

Enables competition among vendors

The on-demand home-services market comprises of a large number of small vendors who are coming together on a platform to provide diverse services to the customers. As a result, this market becomes highly competitive. To survive in such a cut-throat environment, every vendor struggles to provide unique and quality services at affordable prices to the customers. Also, providing the services on the same day is the new norm and many vendors are already following this to gain more business and surpass their competitors. 

Customer-centric solutions

The on-demand solutions are designed to be highly customer-centric. As there are multiple vendors competing for a single service on the same platform, customers get the flexibility to choose any vendor as per their favourite brand, their budget, etc. They can remain assured that they will get the service within the promised timeframe. Also, they have the freedom to schedule appointments with any service provider as per their availability and convenience. After hiring the service, they can track complete details on their smartphones in real-time. As a result, they prefer these services on a large scale. 

Luxuries are now the necessities

The priorities of new generation customers are different. They won’t spend their weekends cleaning their homes but instead hire cleaning services. They already outsource their laundry and many similar services. Also, the spending capacity of the customers has increased and they can afford luxurious items and services. So, there is a huge scope for different types of on-demand home services in the coming years.

In a nutshell, these solutions are surely a profitable investment. If you have made up your mind and decided to go for on-demand app development, here are a few tips for a successful business.

Tips to beat the competition and become a good on-demand home services provider

  • The highest focus of any top on-demand app development company must be customer satisfaction. So, it is necessary to provide top-quality services to the customers at affordable prices, so that more and more customers are attracted to your app.
  • The ‘same day service’ norm is trending. It is important for you to provide the services on the same day if you want to excel this business and maintain your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • The payment processing must be easier and should provide multiple options, understanding the needs of diverse customers.
  • Also, it is crucial to keep in touch with customers on a regular basis through texts, emails, notifications, social media platforms, etc. for customer relationship management (CRM). Offering deals and discounts on products and services can also be a good means of staying in touch with the customers.
  • It is necessary to work with authentic and experienced vendors. So ensure that they have a clean background and follow healthy practices while providing their services.
  • Your app must have a good interface and simple design to ensure it is user-friendly and has easy navigation. A complicated app design will annoy the customers and in turn force them to leave the app.
  • It is of utmost importance to identify the problems and challenges of customers and resolve their issues from time-to-time. Pay special attention to their reviews and feedback.
  • Few other things to be considered are easy registration process, in-app chat option, data security of the vendors as well as customers, data and analytics to measure your progress, etc.

Final Words

The on-demand home services apps are gradually becoming popular as they have brought convenience, efficiency and simplicity of availing the services at their door-steps for the customers. Traditional business methods are becoming outdated at a fast pace as the on-demand economy provides immediate resolution to the customers. These apps have been a great platform for several vendors as well and increased their profitability. Preventivi gratuiti

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