When Does the Next Fortnite Season Come Out?

If you’re a Fortnite player, you’re probably wondering when the next season of the game is coming out. There have been many rumors about the date, but there’s still a bit of uncertainty.

Battle pass details

Fortnite Season 2 is a brand new season for the battle royale game from Epic Games. It will feature a new storyline and gameplay. There will also be changes to the island. A battle pass, which will cost players 950 V-Bucks, will be available.

The Battle Pass is a paid subscription that will allow you to unlock exclusive content. This includes skins, pickaxes and other goodies. While it is not mandatory, some players would prefer to have access to the best rewards.

Some of the new items in the Season 2 Battle Pass include the Shimmering Pearl skin, Tsuki 2.0 emote and the Hammers Ball Prototype vehicle. You can also expect a number of new weapons including a pump shotgun and the Thermal AR.

There are also a number of secret agents that can be unlocked using the Battle Pass. You will have to earn XP in Battle Royale to unlock these agents. These will only be available for a few weeks. They will start neutral but you will be able to switch allegiance at any time.

Another item you can expect to see in the Fortnite Season 2 battle pass is the new Spider-Man villain, the Prowler. You can only get this skin once you complete five challenges.

The Fortnite Season 2 battle pass will include over 100 tiers and rewards. This will include dozens of cosmetics. For 950 V-Bucks, you can get this battle pass and enjoy a variety of new skins and emotes.
Weapons coming to Paradise

In addition to the perks system, a new battle pass and more, Fortnite is adding a mysterious substance to its map called Chrome. This substance will affect anything it touches, allowing players to use it to their advantage in battle.

Fortnite season 4 features a brand new selection of weapons. Among these are a chrome-splashed shotgun and a Lever Action Shotgun. These weapons have new effects and damage. They will also have an increased rarity as more damage is dealt.

The new weapons are available to players in specific Chrome Chests on the island. Players can also find EvoChrome weapons from defeated opponents. With enough usage, EvoChrome weapons will begin to evolve into Mythic rarity.

Another weapon to watch out for is the Evochrome Burst Rifle. It has a new effect, and can be used to deal damage to the ground.

While Chrome has been a big part of the game, there are still many items to hunt for. Some of these include Port-A-Bunkers, special vault keys, and Chrome Splash. Using this substance will give players temporary fire immunity, as well as faster sprinting.

Lastly, we’ll be seeing new outfits. In addition to the Spider-Gwen and Meow Skulls, Battle Pass holders will have access to Grriz, Lennox Rose, Twyn, and The Herald.

If you’re planning to take a shot at Fortnite Season 4, make sure you know how to use these weapons. The more damage you deal, the more likely you’ll be to one-shot kill your opponents.

Server downtime

If you’re a Fortnite fan, you know that servers can sometimes go down for maintenance. This can be a frustrating experience and can leave you out of luck if you’re trying to play. But don’t worry – you’ll soon be back in the game.

The downtime may last up to 18 hours and will affect a variety of things. Matchmaking, voice chat, and stats will be affected. Some features will be disabled as well.

In order to get the most out of your downtime, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your menu screen. It’s possible that you’ll see an estimate for how long it will take to repair the server. You can also check the Fortnite status Twitter feed for the latest updates.

The next Fortnite season is on the way. According to DualShockers, it’s due to hit the servers on September 18. A new map will be introduced, and you’ll also find a new Battle Pass.

In order to prepare for the event, Epic Games will run a maintenance period. They typically schedule maintenance for a few hours each week. These downtimes allow them to do things like add features, bug fixes, and new weaponry. Typically, these large updates are saved for the end of the season, which is when players can expect a new chapter.

When the downtime occurs, you’ll be prompted to download a new patch. If you’re able to connect, you’ll be ready to go.

HYPEX suggests a new POI called DDMachine is in the works

HYPEX, the well-known data miner, has been digging up Fortnite codes and leaked some of the future stages of the upcoming season. He has mentioned a new POI called DDMachine, which could be in the works for Fortnite Season 2.

The DDMachine POI is linked to lightning, thermal, and a weather station. It will be placed in Loot Lake, which is a location where you can find chests and other loot.

Another new POI that may appear in Fortnite is the PantherMonument. This is a new POI that will be located just to the left of Misty Meadows. It is a statue that will be similar to Wakanda’s Bastet statue.

In addition to these two new POIs, there is another new feature that may be coming to the game. Epic Games is working on flying mounts for the game. These mounts will be able to fly and boost, allowing players to shoot more accurately.

Additionally, the data-miner has mentioned that Epic Games is working on a new assault rifle. It’s possible that this could be a version of the Homing Rocket weapon that was previously unused.

A new Battle Pass update is also in the works. While some of the new challenges have been confirmed, the Black Panther skin and Spider-Man skin are still not confirmed. However, it is possible that these characters will be added in Season 4.

If a new POI and a new weapon are added, we may see an amazing cinematic that will make Fortnite one of the best games on the market.

Rusty Reels is a new residence

As of the time of this writing, there are still only 23 NPCs (yes, you read that right) in Fortnite Season 8 to be found, but thankfully that is a whole lot more compared to the preseason tally. Aside from the usual suspects, we are also getting a slew of new landmarks to gawk at and snag some XP. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most notable ones.

First off, we’ll take a stroll down the dusty deserts of southwest Fortnite to see what the locals are up to. From there we can move on to more urban areas like the G4 hub where we can get some glitz and glamour. We’ll also check out the aforementioned new residence which may or may not be one of the most coveted items in the game. Of course, we won’t be able to leave without a hefty dose of Fortnite trivia.

Next on our list of ten must-see landmarks is the new Rumble Spot aka Dusty Divot. This is the most awe-inspiring locale in Fortnite, especially if you are a solo player. It’s also the only area in the map where players can get a little competitive in the battle royale.

End date delayed because of the event

The date of the Fortnite season finale has been delayed. Epic announced on Tuesday that the event has been delayed by a week. This is the second time that Epic has postponed an event. It was also announced last month that an upcoming Fortnite event will be delayed by a week.

There’s no official reason for the delay, but it seems to have to do with Epic’s involvement in the ongoing anti-racism protests. Another reason is that they are getting ready for the next season of Fortnite.

According to a tweet by the Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks, the new season’s theme is “Doomsday”. However, the exact name of the event has been a mystery.

Although the event has been delayed, players will still have a chance to play the new content. Fortnite Season 8 is expected to start around March 20. You can expect to see new elements added to the game like rideable flying animals.

Several leakers have reportedly provided clues about the next season of Fortnite. It appears that this season will have a new theme based on the war between the Imagined Order and the Seven. They’ve also teased several mechanics.

One of these features is a first-person mode. Fortnite has been rumored for a while to feature some form of this. But the exact mechanics are still a mystery.

In a move that might surprise players, the next Fortnite season will be launched a bit earlier than the previous season.

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