What is a Tor Browser?

Tor is a network that anonymizes web browsing and helps people in countries with strict online censorship. It’s an excellent tool for anyone who doesn’t want hackers, prying eyes, or their Internet service provider to know what websites they visit.

While many people associate Tor with illegal activities (like drug trafficking or disturbing pornography), there are countless legitimate uses for it. Some examples include investigating a competitor, researching opposing litigants in a legal dispute, or simply feeling creeped out by the idea that your ISP knows what sites you visit.

The Tor network works by routing your online request through multiple randomly-chosen servers before finally reaching the website you’re trying to access. Each server only sees the destination address and the fact that you’re using Tor. This process is known as onion routing, and it makes it extremely difficult to identify a user from their browser and device characteristics.

Having said all that, it’s worth remembering that nothing is completely secure online. While Tor obscures your IP address, there are a number of other ways to track users, including browser fingerprinting and plug-in vulnerabilities. That’s why it’s essential to follow some basic security guidelines when using Tor. In particular, it’s important to be wary of torrenting apps and avoid any kind of browser add-on that could reveal your real IP address. It’s also a good idea to cover your computer camera and microphone, as cybercriminals can use these methods to record audio and video of your activity. what is a tor browser

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