Water Tank Maintenance Services

Every water tank needs periodic maintenance services to prolong its life and ensure the quality of the stored water. This can seem like a dirty job that is best left to professionals. However, cleaning tanks is a necessary task that must be done properly to prevent contamination and meet a variety of regulatory and standards requirements.

Weekly Foundation Checks
The most important aspect of water tank maintenance is conducting weekly foundation checks. This is so small cracks or deterioration can be spotted early and quickly repaired. Water tanks are built to withstand potential extreme environments with big shifts in temperature and large gusts of wind, so spotting issues quickly can help minimise long term damage.

After inspection, the tank must be drained to churn out sediment and allow for proper cleaning and disinfection. Once this is done, a sample must be taken and analyzed for chlorine residual and coliform bacteria. Once satisfactory samples are received, the tank can be refilled and returned to service.

Annual Maintenance Service Contracts
A common way to minimise the cost of water tank maintenance is to enter into an annual maintenance service contract with a specialist company. This involves hiring a company to inspect the water tank once a year, clean it and make all necessary repairs. This can significantly reduce the amount of money spent on maintaining a water tank and improves efficiency. In addition, it is a great way to keep a record of water tank maintenance activities and tests performed. water tank maintenance services

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