Video Editor SDK Accelerates Your Video Editing Application

Video Editor SDK accelerates your video editing application by offering a suite of powerful video processing tools. Its feature set covers all essentials including filters, effects, animation stickers and text overlays for a truly compelling user experience that will drive your app’s reputation.

The video editing UI can be tailored to match your app’s look and feel for a seamless experience across all devices. Streamline user interaction and improve adoption by allowing users to open the camera from within your mobile app and select videos already in their camera roll for editing.

Stylish and innovative video processing features include radial and mirrored blur, gamma correction and a selection of frame and overlay styles with various blend modes to make the most of any video. With over 60 filters covering the latest in state of the art effects your users can create a cinematic look for their videos with just a tap of the screen.

Powerful video editing functionality enables users to edit, trim, merge and rotate their footages into a single visual sequence for seamless switching between clips. The video processing module offers rich built-in static stickers as well as customizable custom stickers to bring the fun factor into your apps.

The most advanced video editing feature is the ability to apply a variety of filters and effects, from radial and mirrored blur to gamma correction and a selection fo frames and overlays. This is the ideal tool to add a unique mood and style to your videos for a stand out effect.

It also delivers the most impressive video viewing experience by supporting multiple display resolutions and formats including HD, 4K, 3D and VR. Its GPU-accelerated rendering powered by Metal and GPUImage3 ensures your videos won’t slow down on devices or fail to load due to device limitations. Video Editing SDK

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