Top 5 Sandals For Women

The perfect sandals can make a big difference in the way you feel on your feet. Whether you’re traveling in warm weather or just want to dress up your favorite jeans with a pair of sandals, there’s a wide variety of styles to suit any look and occasion. From flats to wedges, you’ll find a style that will suit you best.

The type of sandals you choose should be comfortable, fit well, and provide support for your foot. For walking sandals, look for a flat or low heel-to-toe drop (meaning your heel isn’t raised higher than your toes in the shoe) and a soft cushion gel footbed to absorb shock and prevent arch pain, says podiatrist Anthony Weinert. A sandal that bends and flexes as you walk is also a good choice, as it will help your feet adapt to different terrain.

Another key feature to consider is a strap that will secure your feet without pinching your toes or chafing your ankles. And because your feet swell throughout the day, it’s helpful to find a sandal that’s adjustable and offers a custom fit.

To test a sandal’s comfort level, “try on the shoes and bend them to see how flexible they are,” says Sutera. The shoe should bend at the toe and heel, but shouldn’t be completely twistable or you’ll lose any support. Also push down on the sandal’s sole to get a sense of how much it cushions your feet.

Sandals are a wardrobe essential for warm weather, but not all of them are created equal. From comfy flats to clunky sandals for traveling, here are some of our top picks for women who love to walk.

The Ultimate Travel Sandal

If you’re looking for a sandal that can keep up with you while you explore a new city or wander jungle paths, this strappy sandal is the one to buy. It has soft faux leather straps and a soft footbed that’s designed to absorb shock and prevent blistering. Plus, it comes in half sizes so you can be sure the sandals fit properly.

A staple for any fashionista who wants to add a pop of color to her ensemble, these flats have thin straps in a variety of colors that play nicely with almost any outfit. And because the sandals are made of a water-resistant material, you can even wear them on rainy days.

The most comfortable and stylish travel sandals

A former professional river and backpacking guide, Senior Review Editor Maggie Nichols never leaves home without a good pair of hiking sandals. These comfy beauties from Teva have a contoured footbed that’s specially designed to cushion your arches and reduce impact while you walk long distances. The velcro straps can be tightened and released as your feet swell throughout the day, and they’re easy to pack so you don’t have to waste space in your luggage. sandals for women

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