Three Summer Cocktail Party Outfit Ideas

In late 1940’s Christian was the first one to use the term “cocktail dress” for the evening dresses that has become one of the necessity for every women. Now working women even prefer to make use of cocktail dresses for both formal and informal use. When they have become such a vital part of every woman’s life then I guess you women need to have some important tips or ideas to work out some best combinations of cocktail dresses for your parties and workplaces.The most prioritized idea among the ideas that you need to keep in mind when selecting a cocktail dress is that in our contemporary times cocktail dresses are often short rather than tea length or ballerina length,

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 so its important that you chose a cocktail dress that emphasize on the best feature of your body and help hide the weak feature. If you are blessed with a long neck and want to emphasize on it then cocktails with boat neck, halter necks are best. If you want to accentuate your breast then V-neck or scoop neck dresses are good. A dress with sash or belt, wrap dress will help focus on your waist. Form fitting dresses, A-line dress are good to accentuate your lower portion. Form fitting may even help you create the illusion of an hour glass figure. The next important idea to have a stunning cocktail summer dress is to accessorize it accordingly. All the dresses that you can imagine, cocktail dress is the one which can change dramatically with the change in accessory.

Bold, long glittering earrings, bright lipstick can make a cocktail dress perfect for glamorous look, whereas paired with small earrings and formal heels can make it ready for a formal occasion.The most essential idea of all is that is not just for cocktail dress but any dress. That is, you should not let the dress over power you. Some floral prints and crazy prints are always there to confuse you and often they do not match your skin tone or your body shape and then they let you down.

For example big floral prints are not a good option for women with heavy bust or heavy bottom. Apart from these key ideas you can also take care of the color, length etc of a cocktail dress. Always chose color that match your skin tone rather than the color that you like most. When we say to focus the length of the cocktail dress, then it means that the length of the dress wary according to the place and occasion you are wearing it one. It symbolizes the degree of formality in your dressing. So create the balance between all these ideas and enjoy your look. summer dresses

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