The Importance of Long Football Socks

The game of football is often accused of prohibiting individuality with systems and routines trumping the importance of style and guile. But even this is not immune to scrutiny and players are increasingly using their socks as a way of making a statement or expressing themselves. Whether this is using sock tape, cutting their socks or simply wearing their socks high, it can bring an extra dimension to the game.

One of the key factors that makes long football socks essential is that they help to keep shin guards in place during contact. This helps prevent injuries, especially when a player is involved in a duel or dribbling and they are tackled. If the shin guard moves, it can put pressure on the leg and ankle, causing an injury.

Luckily, modern socks are designed with this in mind. Among these are the new grip socks, which have black silicone spots or chevrons underneath that stick to a football boot’s insole and help prevent slipping. According to Trevor Prior, consultant podiatric surgeon, this is a very effective way of helping players stay on their feet and avoid injuries during games.

The other key factor to consider when looking for long football socks is the length. There are a number of different lengths to choose from, including over the knee and under the knee styles. Over the knee socks tend to be more popular as they offer better protection from dirt and moisture. They also allow for greater flexibility around the knee area and can help to reduce friction against the skin. However, these types of socks can sometimes bunch up and move around during play, which can be uncomfortable and may distract from the game.

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