Steroids Thailand

Thailand’s burgeoning pharmaceutical industry and international criminal networks have made it a hub for the world’s illegal steroids. This article delves into the country’s role in the global steroid trade, and the implications it has for health and security.

The steroid scandal that has rocked professional sports teams such as Essendon in the AFL and Cronulla Sharks in the NRL has also affected ordinary gym-goers. Rather than risk prosecution for importing or possessing performance-enhancing drugs in Australia, they are travelling overseas and stockpiling them. The drugs are cheaper in Asia and can be bought from pharmacies that do not require a prescription for their off-label use.

Australian bodybuilders are particularly active in Pattaya, where they often “cycle” _ taking combinations of steroids every 48 to 72 hours for two months until they are bulked up. They then return to their homes with huge muscles, but with long-term side effects such as alopecia, renal problems and infertility.

The steroid problem in Thailand is exacerbated by the fact that the drug is easily available over the counter. Many Thai pharmacists stock steroids and related hormone products, and they offer express delivery to customers in countries with strict anti-steroid laws. A simple online search of the terms “steroids” or “growth hormones” yields more than 84 000 results.

Some of the pharmacies selling steroids in Thailand are reputable, but some are not. For example, Tops Pharmacy on 2nd Road in South Pattaya sells a variety of anabolic steroids in plastic vials, and it stocks an extensive visual catalogue for customers to browse. Its pharmacists also talk people through the process of building up mass if the catalogue is not detailed enough for them. Steroids Thailand

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