Silver Cutlery

Silver cutlery is a beautiful way to add elegance and style to a table. It also has many health benefits for the body. Silver has bactericidal properties and kills harmful bacteria in food that can cause illness. It is a safe and natural alternative to plastic cutlery.

To keep your silver clean and shiny, wash it with mild dishwashing soap in warm water and dry it immediately to prevent marks or tarnish. It is best to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, acidic foods, salt, and cleaning agents when using your silverware.

It is recommended to use a silver polish when needed, as it will help maintain its luster. When storing, place your silverware in an anti-tarnish cloth or anti-oxidant pouch to protect it from air and other substances that can cause damage.

When choosing your silverware, it is important to consider the type of silver and how it is made. Typically, Sterling silver is used to create beautiful and durable cutlery. However, not all sterling silver is created equal. Some may be more tarnish resistant or have less of a silver content than others. When buying silver, look for the trusted 925 mark of authenticity. You can also test your silver for authenticity by touching it with a magnet. Real silver will react to magnetism, while nickel silver does not. Nickel silver also contains copper and zinc which can cause the pieces to tarnish more easily. If you would prefer to buy nickel silver, we recommend choosing a higher quality set that has a layer of 33 microns or more of pure silver. סכו״ם מכסף

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