Send Roses on Hinge

Roses are a classic symbol of romance and love, making them popular choices for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. But roses aren’t just for romantic gestures; they can also be used to show your appreciation or sympathy. The flowers’ color can also have meaning, with red roses symbolizing love and passion while white roses represent purity, chastity, and innocence. There are many other shades of roses that can convey different emotions as well, including elegance and beauty.

Sending a rose on Hinge is similar to a regular like but carries more weight as it’s considered a super like. It shows that you have an extra level of interest in someone and that they should be a priority for your match list. This feature is great for people who are trying to stand out in their pool of potential matches or for those who want a little more than the standard likes that come with every swipe.

Once a rose is sent, your profile will appear at the top of the person’s like list and they’ll receive it as a notification. The recipient can choose to reply back to your message and the conversation will continue from there.

When you receive a rose, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources as the blooms may dry out faster than normal. If the petals begin to discolor, trim them from the base of the stem and re-water your bouquet to prolong its lifespan. Send Roses

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