PEX Pipe for Domestic Hot and Cold Water Plumbing

Developed in Europe in 1968, PEX is used today for domestic hot and cold water plumbing in residential construction. This pipe combines the benefits of a plastic with the strength and pressure-holding ability of copper pipes.

Its flexibility means it can be run through walls and under floors, saving space in a home. And its lower cost makes it more affordable than many other plumbing materials.

Aside from the environmental factors, the biggest benefit of PEX is its reduced likelihood for leaks and corrosion on metal material in wall and floor cavities. This helps prevent costly damage, and ensures your home has a sound plumbing system.

Another advantage is that PEX requires fewer connections than other materials, reducing the number of points at which water may be exposed. This can save you money in labor, and also reduces the potential for leaks, which are a common cause of expensive home repairs.

PEX is made from high-density polyethylene that has been subjected to a process called crosslinking. This increases its molecular structure, making it able to hold higher temperatures and pressures.

PEX pipes can be connected using push-fit or stainless steel clamps. The push-fit method involves pushing the PEX pipe into a fitting, which has small teeth that grip it and hold it in place. The stainless steel clamp method uses rings that slip over the ends of connections, and a ratchet-style clamping tool is tightened around them to secure the connection. pex pipe

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