Norcold Cooling Units

As most RVers know, norcold cooling units are a major part of rv refrigerators. If they don’t work, the fridge doesn’t cool. Luckily, the problem can often be fixed by replacing the cooling unit. However, not all cooling units are created equal. Some are cheaply built. And some are not made for the conditions in which an rv is used.

The cooling unit is an absorption cooler that uses gas (normally propane but can be switched to gas) as its primary energy source. The cooling unit contains a chemical called “Thermo-Mastic” that creates a seal between the refrigerator cabinet and the evaporator foam pack pocket.

Despite its reliability, the Thermo-Mastic can become damaged or fail due to heat, humidity, or rust. The failure can lead to the boiler temperature escaping through the rust preventer tube and causing the cooling unit to stop working.

The good news is that replacing the cooling unit is not a complicated job for an experienced do-it-yourselfer, and is usually less expensive than hiring a repair shop to fix your rv refrigerator. However, the replacement must be done properly to avoid re-assembly problems and to assure that the new cooling unit is a reliable performer. This is especially important in those situations where you’re using the rv as a full-time residence and not a place to store food for weekend getaways. In addition, an improperly installed or poorly insulated replacement may cause the boiler to overheat and damage the refrigerator and its components. norcold cooling units

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