Modern Kitchen Cabinets – What Makes Modern Kitchen Cabinets Special?

While Millennials do not prefer flat-panel cabinets as much as their older counterparts, they do lean towards unique materials and a sleeker design aesthetic. As such, modern kitchen cabinets have a lot to offer homeowners seeking an uncluttered look that will complement their contemporary décor.

Cabinet doors are a big element that sets modern kitchens apart from traditional designs. Modern slab doors do away with crown molding and raised panels to emphasize flat surfaces and a more minimal appearance. Framed doors can also evoke a modern design when they incorporate rounded, milled edges to create a classic window frame look.

Wood is a popular material for modern cabinets, but there are plenty of other options as well. Modern laminates like PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and acrylic are becoming more common as they offer a high-gloss finish that is highly scratch resistant and durable. They’re also less expensive than higher-end woods like cherrywood and rift-cut white oak.

If you’re interested in a more minimalist appearance, consider using push-to-open touch latch cabinets that require no handle or knob. They’re easy to open with just a gentle push, and they give your kitchen an exceptionally clean, upscale appearance.

Color is another element that defines a modern kitchen. Natural wood veneers are a popular choice, but you can also find modern cabinets in less traditional colors – from deep reds to fluorescent yellows and greens.

Keeping with a minimal aesthetic, many modern kitchens rely on built-in cabinetry to conceal appliances and create a cohesive appearance. Custom appliance panels can make cabinets appear like they’re a single seamless unit, while sliding doors hide pantry storage or an entire breakfast station. modern kitchen cabinets

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