Minimalist Baby Registry

Minimalist baby registry is a perfect balance of true baby essentials (like a car seat, crib mattress and breathable baby blanket) and minimizing all those extra items that people will likely gift you. This list of items should be completed before you send out your shower invites so that your family and friends will know what your must haves are.

A few things to skip:
-Babies grow so fast that their clothes will likely be given to them as gifts anyway and aren’t something you should put on your minimalist baby registry. -Baby clothes and bibs are so adorable but will likely only be worn for a very short time. -Baby carriers are great for freeing up your hands while you do daily tasks but aren’t necessary on a minimalist baby registry unless you plan to go back to work. -Breastfeeding supplies like nursing bras, nursing pads and lanolin can be easily purchased through insurance or picked up at the local pharmacy.

If you want to register for a baby carrier, try the ring sling or baby wraps from a company that makes them in the USA and is sustainable and ethical. They are a lot more versatile than the slings your mom probably used and are super lightweight and comfortable.

If you do need a car seat, opt for one that will last from infant to toddler (like the Graco 4ever) and is easy to clean, lightweight and has a built-in baby monitor. You can also add the lightweight, portable and versatile baby swaddle blanket from Aiden and Anais to your minimalist baby registry as it will double as a sleeping bag, nursing cover or everyday blanket.

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