Microsoft Cloud Solutions for Enterprises

Microsoft has a wide array of cloud solutions that are designed to serve enterprises of all sizes. It offers software, platforms and infrastructure to help companies manage their data and applications, as well as develop mobile apps and design IoT devices. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms that businesses can use to build, scale and deploy apps. It also provides autoscaling and load balancing to ensure that an application is always running at peak performance. It also includes a content delivery network that delivers web and app content to users around the world.

Microsoft’s Industry Clouds are packages that combine Azure, Office, Dynamics, and Power Platform with tools, integrations, workflows, and other capabilities specific to particular industries. For example, the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services package includes an online lending manager and the cloud for Nonprofits has donor management functionality. Microsoft is also counting on partners to fill in gaps for its industry cloud offerings with services and integrations they have built or acquired.

With microsoft cloud solutions, clients can work from anywhere with Office on PCs, Macs and tablets. They can keep emails and calendars in sync, set up video meetings and share files — all with extra security.

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