Melbourne Hotel Accommodation in Victoria, Australia

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, a southern state of Australia. This state is a beautiful region of Australia. It boasts mild weather most of the year, summer falls from around December to Late March and it does not experience below zero temperatures in the winter months. Perfect for a holiday any time of the year! Tourists and locals alike are drawn to Melbourne for its many events and beautiful surrounding areas. Like many desirable cities around the world, it is built on the coast line. The Yarra River runs through the CBD (or central business district) of Melbourne, making these areas extremely popular with tourists and visitors to the city. The bridges and water make for a perfect backdrop to the cityscape and both cheap and luxury accommodation are both well catered for along the Yarra to keep up with demand. Hotels overlook the delightful scenery and riverfront. The vast beautiful clean white beaches and ocean are always a popular attraction in and around the city.

For people traveling from the outer areas of Melbourne, cars, trains, buses and taxis are a usual mode of everyday transport. The airport is only about a 40 minute drive from Melbourne city itself if your travel mode is by air. The international air terminal is called Tullamarine Airport and there is a shuttle bus to the city as well as airport parking for long and short-term stays available if you have a car. There are also hotels and apartments nearby for convenient stopovers. In the city centre, a City Circle Tram runs non-stop for passengers wanting to explore the outskirts of the lovely central city for free. This is a much loved and enjoyable activity for those new to the city and people generally wanting to get around in town. This also runs next to Southern Cross and Spencer Street train stations.

Melbourne accommodations in the CBD is wide and varied as in many western capital cities worldwide. Most hotels are around a 3-4 star rating which are well equipped and very comfortable. There is a large range and types of accommodation ranging from backpackers, bed and breakfasts, caravan park cabins, hotel rooms and serviced apartments. Obviously if you are traveling alone and only need a one night stay in a single bed room it will be faster and cheaper to find a room. I find booking online is fast and convenient, having the peace of mind you have a place to stay. I hope you enjoy Melbourne as much as I have when traveling there in the past. Best CBD Oil Products UK

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