Junkyard Fort Myers

A junkyard fort myers is a place where old cars and other vehicles are taken after they stop running. They are usually found in poorer or more remote sections of town and have mandatory fences to keep them hidden from view. The clunkers are then used to make new parts or sold off for scrap metal. These junkyards are a major problem in some communities, and many residents would like to see them moved out of town.

Junkyard fort myers
The debate over junkyards has reached a fever pitch in Fort Myers. The city council is weighing whether to allow Garden Street Iron and Metal, on Metro Parkway, to expand its self-serve used car parts yard into the adjacent Dunbar neighborhood. A meeting to decide the issue is scheduled for June 8. The expansion of the auto parts yard has become a hot topic in the predominantly black community, where residents complain of the loss of property values and quality of life.

Previously known as Garden Street U Pull It, the salvage yard is a popular destination for do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts seeking affordable used automotive parts. Its extensive inventory allows customers to find the exact parts they need and save money compared to buying brand-new parts from a dealership or auto parts store. The business also offers a warranty on its parts and a parts interchange system that helps match the right parts to a vehicle model.

In an aerie-like office that levels with the downtown skyline, Bill Spikowski pores over GIS map layers and decades of city land use codes as part of his latest consulting gig — helping the city solve this junkyard mess. He has visited every salvage, scrap and recycling yard in Fort Myers, talked to their owners and studied code enforcement records. junkyard fort myers

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