How to Style a Business Casual Suit

Business casual is a popular workwear category that falls between traditional business attire and modern business dress. It’s a style that’s well suited to many workplace environments and is especially appropriate for office jobs that aren’t labor-intensive or service-based. While some professions still skew more toward the formal side of things, like law firms and C-suite roles, most businesses have shifted towards a more casual approach to dressing for work.

To nail down the right look, you’ll want to start with fitted button-down shirts that are either solid or patterned but not too flashy. Choose neutral tones that are typically associated with business wear, such as shades of blue, brown, or gray and avoid anything too bright or boldly colored. The pants you choose will also play a big role in the overall look, with formal pressed trousers and chinos being the safest choice. Jeans and drawstring trousers are okay, but we’d draw the line at shorts unless you’re in a very relaxed industry.

If you need a jacket, opt for a blazer in navy. It’s one of the most versatile jackets you can have in your wardrobe and it pairs perfectly with men’s shirts, jeans, and chinos. A tweed or herringbone blazer can elevate your outfit even further, adding a sophisticated and classic aesthetic.

For footwear, polished leather loafers are always a safe option and will pair well with both formal shirts and casual trousers. Chelsea boots are another great option for a smart-casual look, offering the perfect balance of formal and casual, and you can also add some flair to your outfits by choosing a suede pair or a two-tone chukka boot. Business casual suit

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