How to Spot an Authentic Michael Kors Bags Brown

Michael Kors has become one of the world’s most-recognized fashion designers thanks to his eponymous collection of sleek, contemporary designs. The American label has a range of bags from modern Jet Set to classic purses, with some pieces offering the perfect uptown chic for everyday wear. The brand’s leather bags are coveted by women around the world and can be seen on the arms of celebrities like Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock. But it can be difficult to distinguish between authentic and fake michael kors bags brown, especially when shopping online. Here are nine easy ways to spot a real bag from a knockoff:

The logo on genuine MK bags is clearly marked with the name “Michael Kors” and encircled by a circle. The letters should be evenly spaced and perfectly centered, while the circle emblem should feel heavy and sturdy, rather than coated plastic. In recent years, the company has also started using a plain MK logo to embellish some of its handbags, such as in the Parker collection.

Authentic MK bags are made of high-quality materials, such as pebbled or smooth leather, coated canvas, and lamb leather. They also feature quality hardware that’s plated in gold or silver and has a glossy finish. In addition, the lining of a MK purse pocket always features double stitching and includes the signature triangle closure. In contrast, counterfeit purses often use inferior stitching and lack the trademark triangle closure.

In order to ensure that you’re buying a genuine Michael Kors bag, look for a tag on the inside of the purse with a serial number and contact information. Moreover, check whether the bag has been monogrammed or not. You should also check the stitching, which should be evenly spaced and smooth. The hardware on an authentic Michael Kors purse should also be firm and shouldn’t bend upon itself or have wrinkles. Finally, the strap hooks should be firm and should open easily.

If you’re looking for a discounted Michael Kors purse, look for a sale on the official website. The retailer offers a range of sales throughout the year, including seasonal promotions that reduce prices by 50-60%. You can also sign up to KORSVIP, the official rewards program, which offers perks and benefits for loyal customers.

Another great way to find a bargain is to shop on third-party platforms, such as Farfetch and eBay. These websites are designed to show you the cheapest products available in your location and offer secure shipping and returns. They only partner with legitimate luxury retailers and boutiques, so you can be confident that you’re getting a genuine product when you purchase through them. In addition, these platforms can offer you extra discounts and incentives for purchasing from them, which may make it even more affordable to buy a Michael Kors bag. Whether you’re looking for a vintage tan michael kors or a chic leather crossbody, there’s something to suit every style and budget on these platforms. michael kors bags brown

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