How to Perform the Ruqyah Process

The ruqyah process is generally left to Muslim practitioners known as Raqi but it can be done by anyone provided they follow certain rules and fulfil specific requirements. If one is unsure or nervous about the process, it is advisable to seek a Raqi.

The room where the ruqyah is performed should be secluded and free of distractions. Animate pictures should be removed as well as any amulets that contain illegible text or invoke other than Allah. Any music must be stopped and smoking is forbidden. It is also important to wear a headscarf and to make wudu before performing the ruqyah.

After making wudu, the person performing ruqyah should cup their hands together and blow into them. They should then recite the ayat or surahs of the Ruqyah loudly and clearly with concentration and firm belief that Allah alone can heal them, and that He will remove all their sickness. Then they should pass this over their body, especially the affected area.

It is possible that some symptoms may remain, but this is not a cause for concern. The most important thing is that the person is following the stipulations of ruqyah, and is always in a state of tahajjud, reciting qur’an, making du’a, supplicating to Allah and asking for His help. Insha’Allah, Allah will cure them. ruqyah process

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