How to Install a TV Mounting System

A TV mounting system can greatly improve your viewing experience and allow you to easily add or move your media playback devices. Whether you’re buying a new TV mount for your existing television or installing one in a newly constructed home, there are essential terms and standards that need to be understood before the project starts. Having an understanding of these will save you a lot of time and hassle down the road.

A properly mounted TV can be a beautiful addition to any room, but one that is not installed correctly can result in the TV falling and breaking. For this reason, correct mounting is very important and should be done by a qualified professional. The good news is that today’s TVs are lighter, clearer and easier to hang than ever before.

Most modern flat-screen TVs come with a VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standard mounting bracket that can be attached to the back of the TV using the hardware included with the set. The VESA mount is designed to hold the screen of the TV up at the right height, and many of the larger mounts have features that can be used to help hide or route cords away from the screen, which can eliminate the need for messy cables running along the floor or under the furniture.

Before you begin, you’ll want to remove the TV stand if necessary. You’ll also need to decide where you want to place the TV. The best location will depend on the seating in your room and your desired viewing angle. It’s a good idea to have a friend assist in this step, as you’ll need someone to hold the TV up so that the center of the screen is more or less at eye level when you sit back and watch a movie or TV show.

Once you’ve determined the location for your TV, it’s a good idea to mark the mounting position on the wall with painters tape. This will give you a visual guide to follow while drilling holes for the mounting screws. It’s also a good idea to mark the position of any electrical outlets in the area that will be covered by the mount. Then, use a level to check that the marks are perfectly straight. If they are, it’s time to drill!

There are many makes and models of TV mounts available, but most are really variations on three basic styles. The main differences are the amount of adjustability, which can be very useful in eliminating glare and increasing viewing comfort. Prices can vary as well, with basic mounts ranging from under $25 to upwards of $600 for high-tech features like tilting or swiveling mechanisms. A swiveling mount can be particularly helpful in a room with a lot of windows or other obstructions that could make it difficult to get a perfect view of the TV. If you’re not sure what type of mount is best for your needs, consult a knowledgeable sales person at your local electronics store for more assistance.

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