How to Choose the Best Portable Fire Pump

The best portable fire pump is a powerful tool for putting out large industrial or residential fires. Fire pumps are used to draw water from a nearby source and move it through a fire sprinkler system to suppress the fire and keep it contained. They are very versatile and can be positioned and moved quickly, making them an ideal choice for controlling unexpected fires. They are much more flexible than a fire extinguisher and can be used in hard to reach places where larger trucks can’t go.

There are a wide range of fire fighting pumps to choose from depending on the required flow rate and pressure, and whether you need a diesel or petrol engine. They also come in different sizes with various input and output connections, hose ports and optional features such as a wheel kit, a wrap around frame or an electric start.

Twin impeller fire fighting pumps generally create more pressure than single-impeller pumps due to their increased hydraulic performance. In order to determine the amount of head a pump can generate, you need to know the suction height and lift (the distance from the water source to where it needs to be pumped to) and add the maximum head.

Wildland firefighters don’t often have a fire truck at hand when they need to apply water to a wildfire, so they rely on long hoselays using portable fire pumps. This means that fire pump manufacturers have to be attuned to the specific requirements of these users. Rosenbauer is one company that has a deep understanding of these firefighting applications and designs pumps that meet their requirements. best portable fire pump

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