How To Choose a Limousine and Luxury Transport Service in Dubai

Limousine services have become one of the most in demand transportation services in Dubai and across the UAE. Choosing the most reliable company becomes a challenge for clients when choosing them. In this article, I will emphasize on tips that will help the clients to choose the best limousine company in Dubai.

Limousine and Luxury Transport Services companies are following the law of Dubai Government Road & Transport Authority (RTA). Accordingly, all Limousine companies need to fulfill rules that preserve the rights of the customers and the sector. My aim in this article is to bring to the attention of the reader the most creditable information and guidance. In addition, the information that I will provide in this article is based on the RTA rules, and that is based on the Government of Dubai law.

– Car Plate number code:
All Limousine companies shall use code “L” for their vehicles. Note that code “L” is not only reserved for Limousine companies’ vehicles, so you may find other vehicles in Dubai that are using the same code as well. Nevertheless, all limousine companies’ vehicles need to carry this code.

– Drivers RTA Badge:
All limousine drivers (chauffeurs) need to carry an RTA Limousine License badge. The Limousine driver badge is different from a Driver’s License. The badge shall be clipped on the driver’s suit/shirt, or as hanging badge. All customers shall have the right to ask the driver to present the RTA Limousine License badge to them, if it is not hanged. Any driver who does not carry the badge is considered to be not complying with the law.

– Passengers pick up places:
Limousine companies are not allowed to carry customers except from assigned places. Limousines are not like taxis; they should not pick-up walk-in customers except from areas that are designated for them, such as hotels. In other places, like Dubai Airport, only pre-booked Limousines are allowed to receive clients from the airport, as well as an assigned company in the Limousine queue. Never follow people who offer limos or taxi limousines at the exit of the airports as most likely they are not legal, even if they claim to be a “Limousine Company”. The best way to get picked up with a Limousine, or Luxury transport vehicle, from anywhere in Dubai, as well as in Dubai Airport and in Dubai World Central Airport, is by having a pre-booked and confirmed reservation. This can be easily achieved by contacting a Limo Company through their web site, email, or office fixed line number. Note that the fixed line phone number is much safer than a mobile.

– Tariff meter inside the vehicle:
RTA does not obligate Limousine companies in Dubai to install Tariff meters inside the limousine vehicles. Tariffs differ from one company to another. It is suggested to start contacting the limousine companies for inquiry and pricing. Asking different companies will give you an idea of the most reasonable price and availability. web development company dubai

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