How Does a Chilled Water Dispenser Work?

The chilled water dispenser has become an essential part of office hydration. They provide a convenient way for employees and guests to have access to fresh, clean tasting water whenever they want it. They are also far cheaper than buying bottled water and don’t produce the same amount of plastic waste. However, many people do not know how these dispensers work. They simply dispense hot or cold water at the push of a button. So how is that possible?

A chilled water dispenser works by keeping a reservoir of water at room temperature. It then uses a system similar to a fridge to cool this water down to ice cold. Unlike other types of water coolers, which chill the entire tank, the chilled water dispenser only uses the refrigerant gas to cool the water when it is being dispensed. This makes the process much more efficient and results in significantly lower energy usage.

This water is then stored in a second, sealed bottle. When someone presses a button or lever, the water is dispensed from the bottle. The nozzle on the top of the dispenser has been designed to prevent spills and splashes, which is particularly important for areas that may be busy or children’s rooms. The bottle sizes vary, but most are 5 US gal (19 L) bottles in the US and 18.9 litres in countries that use the metric system.

Regular maintenance and sanitisation will help your Zip tap system last longer, while providing high-quality crystal clear water for your staff and guests. Our expert team can help determine which size system is required for your organisation and ensure you have a fully stocked, hygienic supply of crisp, delicious water at all times. chilled water dispenser

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