Home Care Montreal

Home care services are a growing part of Canada’s healthcare system. They can be provided in a variety of ways, from friendly visits to grocery shopping and housekeeping to full-scale nursing care. The service is available for people living at home and in their communities, including seniors who have lost some of their independence but are not ready to move into a senior’s residence or hospital. It can also help family caregivers who are struggling with a demanding job and other commitments.

There are many private companies that provide home care services in Montreal. Often, they are not registered with the Régie des services sociaux (RSS or social service agency) and do not receive government funding in the same way as hospitals and physicians. The RSS does, however, provide funding through transfer payments to allow seniors to access home support services. It is important to compare the different options when selecting a company. The RSS also lists community facilities that offer home care services, such as the former centres locals de services communautaires (CLSCs), which are public organizations that provide a range of health and social support services in the community.

A key factor in determining the quality of a home care montreal is the level of training and experience of its staff. The best companies hire nurses and other health professionals, and have a rigorous selection process that includes criminal background checks and references. Those that have extensive experience in the field can offer specialized services such as respite care, companionship, and monitoring of chronic illnesses. Some companies also have a mobile unit that offers home-based physiotherapy and geriatric management. home care montreal

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