Handlebars & Controls For Your ATV

Handlebars & Controls

The best part about your ATV’s Motorcycle Detailing Brisbane is that you can do so much with them. Upgrade to a set of custom bars that are engineered to deliver the most comfort and performance for your riding style, all while providing that little bit of extra grip. Whether it’s the latest in ergonomics, modern materials or the coolest bar clamps on the market, our selection of ATV handlebars is sure to have something for everyone. From standard 7/8″ handlebars to over sized 1″ diameter bars, we’ve got you covered.

Get yours today! You’ll love the difference. Make your ATV ride the best it can be with a new set of handlebars from Cycle Gear.

Increased Horsepower & Torque

A good exhaust system is a critical component to the performance of your vehicle. The right design, paired with the right catalytic converters, can make your car perform at its best.

The best exhaust systems are made with mandrel-bent tubing for increased flow, allowing more air to enter the cylinders and create more horsepower and torque. This type of exhaust is a popular choice among many enthusiasts, especially those driving sports cars, muscle cars and trucks.

Mufflers & Resonators

A muffler is the first step in your car’s exhaust system and it’s where most of the noise attenuation occurs. Most mufflers use absorptive sound deadening materials to reduce the volume of sound. Corsa’s mufflers employ patented reflective sound cancellation technology, which uses multiple chambers to cancel specific frequencies of noise before it escapes your car’s tailpipe.

Resonators, on the other hand, are more commonly found in cat-back or full custom exhausts. These types of exhausts replace the entire factory exhaust system, including the catalytic converter. While these exhausts are emissions-legal in 50 states, they do void the manufacturer’s warranty.

More Sound & Deeper Tone

The sound of your exhaust system is a major factor in the overall feel and tone of your car. While mufflers reduce the volume of your car’s noise, resonators reduce specific frequencies to smooth out the sound.

Most resonators are made from stainless steel or titanium, but some are even carbon fiber or Inconel. These exotic tips are a great way to upgrade the sound of your car’s exhaust without having to break the bank.

Some resonators are designed specifically for a specific sound profile, but others can be used with any system to give you a slightly different sound. A resonator is typically located in the center section of your exhaust and can be removed to provide you with a more aggressive or a more subtle tone, depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for a quieter, deeper tone with less noise attenuation, consider installing a muffler that utilizes a resonator delete kit. These are more common and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Most resonators are designed to reduce the frequencies that produce droning or popping sounds when your engine is running. Resonators cancel these frequencies by directing them into chambers where they’re disrupted by reactive interference.

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