Grip Socks Wholesale

Grip socks are all the rage. These specialized socks are revolutionizing workouts and activities that take place on smooth surfaces, enabling individuals to push themselves harder while decreasing the risk of injury. They’ve also become a must-have for athletes looking to improve their performance on the field, track, or mat. The demand for custom grip socks has surged in recent years, which is why you’re now able to choose from a wider selection of designs and materials.

Grip Socks Wholesale
The grippy bottom of these socks has rubber or silicone attached to the sole, typically in the form of dots or lines, and the rest of the sock is usually a soft, stretchy, ventilated, and moisture-wicking material like cotton, polyester, or a mix of materials. They can be crafted in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes depending on the design and function.

One example is the Maddie grip sock, which has a low-profile design that hugges your ankle below the heel tab and has a stellar grip that safely moves you through barre, Pilates, and yoga classes without slippage. Another option is the stay-cool grip sock, which has a mesh top that’s super breathable and can be customized with your own pattern.

Shape’s testers all practice Pilates, barre, or yoga weekly (some multiple times a week) and took the grippy socks for a spin in real-life studio classes, testing them for breathability, durability, grip, fit, comfort, and value. Shop our favorite options below. custom grip socks wholesale

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