Does Your Subject Line Grab the Attention of Your Customer?

With the holidays approaching fast, it’s the most important time to make sure your emails are attracting your customers. The first message you send to your customer is in the subject line. This brief phrase determines whether your customers open your email or mark it Spam. An unattractive subject line can be a quick one-way ticket to the Delete Folder, while an eye-catching subject line can draw your customer to read your message, click to shop or explore your company further. Here are a few great tips on creating attractive subject lines.

I could have titled this how to fight fire with fire. I have a website. In fact I have several. I have email flyers but I only send them occasionally because I don’t want to be called a spammer even though spammers seem to get the business away from me. I did away with expensive catalogs to save money but the cheap sources blanket the area with them. Another reason for not buying catalogs other than expense was that I had several people that I would hand them my expensive catalog and they would show me the cheapie guys catalog and want that price. I got the sale if I matched it which by the way I did that once and it was the same cheap source company.

I was tired of their catalogs and emails being thrown in my face to match. One potentially large account gave me the call and said if you can match this guy’s price we would rather buy local. It was a large order and I did it. I said I never would drop price but I did. That customer never bought from me again. I learned a real expensive lesson about price integrity. I also had to do extra measures dividing the order among several recipients and it was bound to have problems. It didn’t but for the extra efforts I didn’t make much and apparently lost a lot.

I think the internet is a super tool and using it to get what the customer wants is what business is about. I don’t have all the answers I thought I would at this age. Someone changed the questions on me and I’m doing what I can to catch up. Maybe those reading this will learn from me and the mistakes I made.

I’m still in this business after 20 years and still rolling with the punches. I try to play the hand as it’s dealt. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t. I’ve seen a lot of competitors disappear and have bought out two of them. I keep reading the professionals ways of doing business. Some of it works and some doesn’t. When you lose to a stranger make sure it wasn’t because they felt more comfortable with a stranger that kept in contact all the time. customized socks with logo

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