Create 2D Animation to Deliver Your Message in Style

The history of 2D animation spans a broad spectrum of entertainment and media, from shadow theater and puppetry to flipbooks and the zoetrope — a spinning cylinder with vertical slits that display a sequence of images to create the illusion of movement. Today, advances in vector art, character design, motion capture and tweening have enabled 2D animation to take on a new form and find itself everywhere from TV shows and feature films to indie video games and social media advertisements.

While every production requires a solid concept, a clear vision for your 2D animation is especially important to ensure your final product delivers on its promises and engages audiences in the right way. During pre-production, you’ll sketch character designs and a storyboard — a comic strip-like graphic visualization of the actions and events in your animated sequence — to ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of what to expect from your video’s characters.

Once you’ve established your central idea, it’s time to bring the characters to life with their own personalities and emotions. This is when animators use foundational animation principles like anticipation, follow-through and secondary action to make their sequences feel natural and engaging.

In the post-production phase, you’ll add finishing touches to your video’s audio and visuals for a polished final product. Sound effects can add depth and realism, while music enhances the emotional impact of your animation. Colour grading is also crucial to the overall look and feel of your 2D animation, whether you want to set a sombre tone or exude a sense of vibrancy. 2d animation erstellen

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