Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy Golf hire, also known as Mini Golf is a great way to add a fun and interactive element to any event. It is an ideal family activity that can be enjoyed by both young and old and it can be set up indoors or outdoors year round. Our courses are fully portable and can be placed safely on any flat surface. They are suitable for any type of event, including school fetes, university events and weddings. Each course comes complete with everything you need, including putters, low bounce balls and scorecards. Friendly stewards (if required) are also available with each course.

Our courses come with a set of interlocking astro turf tiles, numbered hole marker cones, cool obstacles like loop the loop, barn house, lighthouse, wishing well, challenge ramps and our classic windmill, putters, golf balls, pencils and scorecards. When disassembled the whole course fits neatly inside a standard lift shaft, making it easy to transport between sites. It can then be set up on any flat surface inside or out, even a warehouse! It’s the perfect addition to any party, corporate event or exhibition. Whether you’re looking to connect young and old, skilled or first timers, mobile mini golf is the ideal choice. mini golf hire

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