Choosing a Portable Heater

A portable heater can help add warmth to a drafty room or chilly home office and is ideal for areas where central heating can’t be installed. But because they’re high-wattage appliances, they pose a fire risk and must be used with care. A good rule of thumb is to use 10 watts per square foot of floor area.

There are many different types of portable heaters on the market, each utilizing a range of heating technologies. Consider the specific needs of your space when selecting a unit:

Do you need to heat only one or two people? Do you want to raise the temperature quickly? Do you need to keep an area warm for workers who are only “passing through”-waiting to enter a fully heated room or performing a task in that space before moving on to the next worksite?

The majority of electric heaters are designed to be plugged into the 120-volt 15-amp receptacles found in homes and offices. Some job site and workshop models are built for higher voltages and amperages and require special power receptacles.

A common cause of electrical heater fires is putting too much pressure on the cord, which may cause it to become frayed or damaged. Make sure to keep the cord away from combustible materials, such as curtains, sofas, rugs, paper, clothing and flammable liquids. The best electrical heaters are also designed with a variety of safety features, such as tip-over switches and overheat sensors. portable heater

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