Can a Dog Dewormer Cure Cancer?

Fibrosarcomas are tumors that can occur anywhere in a dog’s body, but most commonly in the limbs or head. They usually appear as a single, firm lump or nodular bump under the skin. These tumors may open and bleed, become infected, or cause pain, which can lead to weight loss or refusal to eat. Fibrosarcomas are often treated with surgery and radiation, but if the cancer recurs or is found in a distant location, chemotherapy can also be used.

Recently, a story surfaced on TikTok and Facebook claiming that a dog dewormer, called fenbendazole or Panacur, cures human cancer. It’s a claim that has medical professionals scratching their heads and the rest of us raising our eyebrows.

In 2016, Joe Tippens of Edmond, Oklahoma, was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer and told he had three months to live. He was determined to live long enough to meet his first grandchild. He enrolled in a clinical trial at MD Anderson that wouldn’t save him, but he hoped it would extend his life and let him meet his grandson.

During the trial, Joe added vitamin E and CBD oil to his treatment, as well as what he calls “dog medicine.” He is referring to fenbendazole, or Panacur, a veterinary medication that removes intestinal parasites in dogs. Some peer-reviewed studies have found that the drug has anticancer properties, but it is not an established cancer treatment for humans. Moreover, if a patient were to repurpose a veterinary drug for their own use as an anticancer treatment while participating in a clinical trial, it could interfere with the study’s results. dog dewormer cancer

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