Boiling and Chilled Water Taps

Boiling and chilled water taps are a smart addition to any kitchen. They offer multiple functions allowing you to have instant access to boiling, cold and filtered water all at the turn of a lever. They help declutter bench tops by getting rid of your kettle and they also save space in the fridge by eliminating bottles and jugs of water. They come in a range of styles and finishes so you can easily find one that fits in with your décor.

There are 3 main types of boiling and chilled taps on the market:

Boiling only Taps – These are designed to be placed in your kitchen near where you would normally boil a kettle and are usually a single lever tap with a small boiler that is capable of dispensing up to 3 litres of near boiling water (considerably more than your average kettle) at a time, with the temperature controlled by the press of a button. They come in a variety of modern and traditional designs to suit most kitchen styles.

Chilled only Taps – These are designed to replace your existing kitchen tap and provide filtered chilled water with no boiling function. They can be placed in the same location as your current tap and are suitable for preparing tea, coffee and making smoothies. Some brands advertise that their chilled taps can reach 100degC but this is not necessary for normal domestic use as most people will be using their tap to prepare chilled drinks.

The best boiling and chilled water taps have a smart feature that allows you to mix some of your near-boiling tap water with your cold tap water to boost its temperature when you need hot water. This helps to reduce your energy usage by saving the electricity used to heat your water and means you will never run out of hot water when doing your dishes.

Many of the best boiling and chilled taps are highly energy efficient using innovative heat exchange and energy reclaim technology. Look for a tap with a Global GreenTag rating to be sure you are buying an energy efficient system.

Some of the best boiling and chilled taps also have child locks to prevent children from tampering with the hot tap. You can also choose a tap with a built-in water filter to remove scale, sediment and chlorine from your tap water. This will also improve the taste and odour of your tap water.

A boiling and chilled tap will entice you to drink more water which is good for your health. This can especially benefit you during the summer when it’s important to stay hydrated. It will also make it much easier to prepare quick cups of tea or coffee without having to wait for the kettle to boil. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or are building a new home, consider a boiling and chilled tap. It’s a clever little gadget that will change the way you live and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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