Birthday Flower Arrangements

If you have a friend or relative\’s birthday coming up and you don\’t quite know what to give her, flowers could be a good idea. If you can\’t choose the flowers, leave it to a florist, he will ask you questions about the birthday girl and select the flowers accordingly. Besides sending on beautiful flowers, florists\’ websites also send fruit baskets and personal care items as birthday gifts.

If you\’ve decided on flowers, you can choose flowers specific for her birth month. If her birthday is in January, send her carnations; in February, violets; March, jonquils; April, sweet peas; May, lilies; June, roses; July, larkspurs; August, gladioli; September, asters; October, calendulas; November, chrysanthemums; and December, narcissuses.

For younger women and girls, your flower arrangements could be based on a flower theme for her birthday party. You could create large paper blooms, perhaps of sunflowers, and do up T-shirts with flowers in thumbprint designs and get them to carry cake and confectionery bouquets.

Begin with the party invitations and design them in the shape of large flowers with each petal bearing all the details of your party. Make these cards with a sheet of card paper from which you will need to cut four-inch long petals. Now, cut a 1.5-inch diameter circle from the remaining sheet. In each petal, punch two holes, one in the center and the other at the narrow end. Pile up all the petals and cover them with the circle, ensuring that the holes are in line with each other and stick them together with tape. Open each flower and write the details of your party on each petal. mandar flores

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